Don't Miss Our Upcoming Headshot Party Experience


What if I told you...

that you could experience our studio's custom headshots for a fraction of the cost? (over $500 in savings if we're counting) ... And what if I also told you that on top of the savings, you could also mingle at an exclusive day party where live music, food, drinks, and special guests were a part of the experience?

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well it's not, as Fête, our exclusive Headshot Party experience is set to return on April 8th. By registering for this can't miss event, here's what you get:

  • A one look photo session with celebrity photographer DeWayne Rogers.
  • High-end cuisine and crafted cocktails presented by our in-house chef and mixologist.
  • Live musical performances by tomorrow's biggest stars.
  • Interactive experiences with special guests.
  • Infectious sounds brought to you by our in-house DJ.

These are all experiences that you can only get here at DeWayne Rogers Photography and Studio 2B. So be sure to register today before all of the slots are filled. (Our early bird special ends March 24th.)